Witcher 3 save the orphans

Witcher 3 save the orphans

Killing the crones and freeing the spirit will save the children (and anna). However, this comes with a price the people of downwarren village will be slaughtered. There is no black or white outcome, you should decide between the lesser evil, following the phylosophy of the witcher books.

  1) free the tree spirit, so she can save the orphan, but at the same time she destroys a nearby village. But the barons wifefamily is safe, and the nearby village is safe to. Surelly as a good human the first thing who run in my mind is.

  you can only decide what to do with anna, tamara, the bloody baron, etc.

You can, but you must do the whispering hillock quest before the ladies of the woods quest. I recommend you dont do this, but if youre curious, the consequences are basically the same as in the option if you dont save the children.

  if you decide to kill the spirit, you will save downwarren from being massacred and the baron from losing his wife. However, nobody will be there to save the orphans, and the crones will take them (and most likely eat them). Anna will finally lose whats left of her fragile mind and go insane over the loss of the children.

So the only way to save the children and anna is to begin the ladies of the wood quest as normal up until the point where you get johnnys voice back for him but when he wants you to follow him back to the orphanage to meet the crones, leave and go do the whispering hillock thing and free the tree spirit.

The orphans of crookback bog is the location of a small village in the witcher 3 wild hunt, located in the middle of crookback bog in velen. It houses the powerful ladies of the wood, phillip strengers wife, and many orphaned children.

She keeps her promise but mind wipes them and gives them new names.

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Witcher 3 save the orphans

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