Where to get tungsten astroneer

Where to get tungsten astroneer

  wolframite, the base resource used to make tungsten in astroneer can be found on desolo, a nearby planet you can reach after researching and creating a shuttle. Follow the tech tree to reseach this item then use a large printer to create it.

  our astroneer how-to get tungsten guide will walk you through the process of finding that ever important wolframite that is needed to create tungsten. You will need to do a bit of space travel to obtain it, but it will be worth your while. Tungsten is another of the important refined resources in astroneer.

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Tungsten can be found on desolo, the moon to the starting planet. Go to that planet and in the caves, you will find wolframite. You will need to smelt the wolframite in order to get tungsten.

If you are still on the starting world, you will not yet have the ability to obtain it. Dig below the surface and you will end up finding a lot of this in the caves.

I heard you can get it by trading scrap but you need tungsten to build the trading station. The subreddit for astroneer, an interplanetary sandbox adventureexploration game developed by system era softworks. Build outposts, shape landscapes to your liking or discover long lost relics.

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Where to get tungsten astroneer

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