Transportation to the mn state fair

Transportation to the mn state fair

Featuring express bus service with free parking, plus regular bus routes that take you right to the fair.

  please check back in the spring and summer! State fair express bus service features free parking and a direct bus ride to the fairgrounds for a small fee from farther-out suburbs around the twin cities.

The best route to the state fair is on the bus! You go to the state fair for the food, the animals, the rides and more! Getting to the great minnesota get-together on the bus is a fun, blue ribbon tradition, too. Instead of driving, park your car for free and take a stress-free, non-stop air-conditioned ride straight to the fairgrounds. Take a state fair express bus and youll save on gas and parking costs.

  state fair (see map) from august 22 through september 2 (but not on thursday, august 29), many 45-foot motorcoaches, provided by lorenz and other companies, will shuttle riders from various parking locations on the east bank to the state fair.

Learn more about drop-off and pick-up locations for taxis and rideshares and get a special mn state fair discount when using lyft. State fair express buses state fair express buses operate from 19 greater metro locations. Get to the fair in no time without breaking the bank! Insider tip save time when you buy your round-trip ride online.

Directions to mn state fair park & ride (best buy hq) (richfield) with public transportation.

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Transportation to the mn state fair

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Transportation to the mn state fair

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