Tom lydon net worth

Tom lydon net worth

Mr lydon owns over 50,000 units of api stock worth over 2,338,920 and over the last few years he sold apg stock worth over 0.

Thomas lydon owns over 50,000 units of api stock worth over 1,967,168 and over the last few years thomas sold apg stock worth over 0.

  the estimated net worth of thomas f jr lydon is at least 195 thousand dollars as of 19 december 2019. Thomas lydon owns over 2,463 units of fiduciaryclaymore infrastructure fund stock worth over 26,354 and over the last 15 years thomas sold fmo stock worth over 169,100.

Thomas p jr lydon is listed as an insider in the following companies hme home properties, inc. Insiders are officers, directors, or significant investors in a company. It is illegal for insiders to make trades in their companies based on specific, non-public information.

Is listed as an insider in the following companies apg api group corporation insiders are officers, directors, or significant investors in a company. It is illegal for insiders to make trades in their companies based on specific, non-public information.

Tom lydon is president of global trends investments, editor and proprietor of etftrends.

Tom lydon has been practicing public accounting for more than twenty-five years. He founded the firm and continues to be the firms managing partner. Tom also assists high net worth individuals with tax optimization and planning, estate planning and retirement planning.

John lydon (born january 31, 1956) is famous for being rock singer.

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Tom lydon net worth

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