Sungard global trading singapore pte ltd

Sungard global trading singapore pte ltd

Is listed in the class of publicltd company and classified as na. This company is registered at registrar of companies(roc), maharashtra with an authorized share capital of rs.

Is engaged in provision of software and processing financial software solutions. The company offers products such as multi-asset and front-to-back trading.

Sungard global trading (s) pte ltd is located at axa life building, 150 cecil street, tel 6287 0704, view sungard global trading (s) pte ltd location, products and services on streetdirectory map.

For enquiries & feedback, kindly contact sungard global trading (s) pte ltd at 6287 0704 or simply fill up this form.

Company profile page for sungard system access singapore pte ltd including stock price, company news, press releases, executives, board members, and contact information.

(the company) the company is a private company limited by shares and its current status is live company.

Was incorporated on (wednesday) as a exempt private company limited by shares in singapore. The company current operating status is live with registered address at international plaza. The company principal activity is in wholesale trade of a variety of goods without a dominant product.

(the company) the company is a exempt private company limited by shares and its current status is struck off.

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Sungard global trading singapore pte ltd

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Sungard global trading singapore pte ltd

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