Steady trade podcast

Steady trade podcast

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  episode 194 jaw-dropping trading ambition with millionaire trader mariana by steadytrade apr 6, 2021 episodes. She is, after all, the first female millionaire in tim sykes trading challenge.

  but steady ambition doesnt make trading any easier especially without many female trader role models. She made a friend and found herself inspired by the trading ambition of her peers. Get a taste of her unstoppable force in this weeks steadytrade podcast! (please note that these kinds of trading results are not typical.).

If you are happy making somewhere between 2 and 5 a year on your investments, do not listen to the stts steady trade podcast.

  steady trade podcast learn from veteran trader tim bohen and rookie trader stephen johnson of the steady trade podcast as they walk you through the ins and outs of day trading! Ways to listen to the new steady trade podcast.

  the steady trade podcast is brought to you by two hosts tim bohen and stephen johnson. Tim bohen is a lifelong entrepreneur who has been involved in all sorts of businesses, from pizza to lawn care.

Weve migrated our podcast over to the stockstotrade youtube channel.

Stephen johnson (jonk87 on twitter) is a part-time trader who originally hails from the united kingdom. Stephens trading journey began about four years ago, when he began documenting his entire trading experience via his youtube channel. Viewers watched along as he worked to progress from rookie student of timothy sykes and tim bohen (steadytrade team) to a profitable trader.

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Steady trade podcast

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