Star trek currency latinum

Star trek currency latinum

  an invaluable resource, it encompasses the original series, , the next generation, deep space nine, voyager and enterprise, as well as the first 10 trek feature films.

  latinum is now considered the go-to currency in the star trek universe because its so rare and cant be replicated. Gold (au) and diamonds (a gem made of carbon atoms linked together in a lattice structure) on the other hand can be dug up by scratching around in the dirt on earth and other planets and can also apparently be replicated.

Latinum is used as a universal currency in star trek as it is more rare then most precious metals in the galaxy that is used to back most forms of currency, so it is the equivalent to gold, silver, or platinum on earth, between nations.

  zen (formerly cryptic points ) - perfect worlds digital currency which can be purchased for real money and is used to buy special in-game items in all of their games, including star trek online.

Latinum is a non-replicatable liquid that is used as a currency among many alpha quadrant powers, notably the ferengi alliance. It is often infused in blocks of gold for handling and transportation. Gold, being worthless, is used probably for its historical associations with wealth and currency.

During the lissepian mothers day heist that took place on lissepia in 2365, one thousand bricks of gold-pressed latinum were stolen from the central bank of lissepia. Larell had told quark that morn had won the thousand bricks of gold-pressed latinum in the lissepian lottery.

Assuming 1 gpl is one slip, that means a bar of gold-pressed latinum is worth about 187. It puts the value of quarks bar at somewhere between 1 million and 1. 5 million usd toward the end of ds9 (rom offered to buy it for 5,000 bars and expected quark to haggle up to 8,000).

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Star trek currency latinum

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