Standard bank travel benefits

Standard bank travel benefits

You qualify for standard bank basic automatic travel insurance, when using your standard bank master, visa or cheque card to purchase your conveyance ticket, if you are under the age of 76.

Download the app set your pin enter the first 8 digits of your card when prompted to enter key google play apple app store 1gb alwayson wifi.

Standard bank optional travel insurance reference number sb-opt-01032016 aig south africa limited 10 queens road parktown johannesburg po box 31983 braamfontein 2017 tel (011) 551-8000 fax (011) 551-8293 this policy is a contract made between standard bank card division and aig south africa limited, the company.

  when using your qualifying standard bank business card at caltex, you can get up to r5 back in rewards points per litre of fuel and oil, based on your tier level.

Javascript not available! You need javascript enabled in order to use this website, please update your browser or enable javascript by following the instructions for your browser here. 2016 standard bank is a licensed financial service provider in terms of the financial advisory and intermediary services act and a.

Standard bank facilitates commercial transactions on the african continent through providing independent, safe and secure escrow services with standard bank as your escrow agent, the parties will have the surety that the funds are safe and that the interests of all parties are protected.

Get your monthly bank account fees back in airtime or data when using our standard bank sim card.

An international bank account available in gbp, usd, eur and aud unlimited deposits and withdrawals when banking at home or abroad a visa debit card for easy payments and withdrawals worldwide access to international savings accounts and foreign exchange standing orders on all optimum bank accounts and direct debits on sterling accounts.

Get up to 20 back in ucount rewards points when paying with your qualifying standard bank card at selected restaurants, fast food outlets, book stores, movies or gyms. Simply choose the lifestyle rewards category by logging onto your profile on the ucount rewards website.

  standard travel insurance upper limits range from 64 to 79, though you can pay to extend this with nationwide (65 per account, which means joint account holders over 69 only need to buy one between two).

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Standard bank travel benefits

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Standard bank travel benefits

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