Smarty s67 me

Smarty s67 me

50m, data drs01m for 2010, 20 trucks revo software this is emission legal software july 29, 2014 9,127 kb software upgrade for us devices.

  i have an issue that i am hoping that somebody on here could help me.

7l dodge cummins back to category sku me-s-67 smarty s67 tuner by mads electronics 07.

The s-6710us (for 2010-2012 trucks) and the s-67us (for 2007-2009 trucks) are the most powerful programmers on the market for the dodge 6. The s-67 (s senior) is for the serious enthusiast that wants the maximum flexibility and the maximum power options.

The horsepower settings, except 0, all other softwares have a modified torque management (tqm).

( smarty does erase abs codes too but does not display them ) ecm update speed. Faster than anything else on the market! Again weve done our.

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Smarty s67 me

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