Sharekhan option calculator

Sharekhan option calculator

Disclaimer the sharekhan option calculator is designed for educational purpose only. It is intended to assist individuals in learning how options work, what factors affect an options price and how a change in any one (or more) of them may affect that price.

  with sharekhan futures trading calculator, you can find the same. Biggest charges in options trading is stt and exchange transaction charges. To avoid any confusion in your option trade, complete charge list with each charges break down is available on the sharekhan options trading calculator.

  sharekhan option derivative investors got to pay a brokerage on a per lot basis. So, for all the lots an investor purchases, he has to pay rs. 50 per lot, which can also be calculated using the sharekhan option brokerage calculator. Let us assume you bought 6 of option lots, at whatsoever price, and you wish to sell them at a higher price.

F&o tools trade in derivatives by using f&o tools such as derivatives info kit, derivatives digest, daring derivatives to help you have a better understanding of derivatives.

Sharekhan sharekhan is indias leading broking house providing services from easy online trading, research to wide array of financial products.

Sharekhan brokerage calculator gives you online access to calculates the stock rate need to pay to trade in different segments.

Options are another form of derivatives that has an expiration date attached to them. Brokerage on them are flat rs 100 for each lot in their available plan. As similar to the futures, options also need margin on the account to be maintained.

Sharekhan provides around 10x times exposure on the option contracts entered on the currencies. Sebis new rule suggests collection of the total margin from the trader before entering into the trade.

Sharekhan span margin calculator, exposure margin calculator, equity f&o margin calculator is a live tool that lets you calculate comprehensive margin including span and exposure margin. You can calculate margin for option writingshorting or for multi-leg f&o strategies while trading in equity, f&o. For accuracy of data in real time, we update span margin data live from nse website 6 (six.).

  sharekhan span margin calculator for equity futures & options margin calculator. The equity futures exposure is 15x & equity options exposure is 10x. Note for delivery, there is a cut-off time of t7 days & post that auto square-off will apply.

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Sharekhan option calculator

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