Printful billing methods

Printful billing methods

In your printful dashboard head up to billing and youre presented with these options printful wallet using the printful wallet you can deposit money to printful by either credit card or paypal - this has the benefit of faster order processing and avoids the possibility of transaction errors.

This is the default well use to charge you for future transactions, and for your stores. Heres how to set different billing methods for your stores click add new billing method select your store in the dropdown select the billing method you want to use.

Here, you can add billing methods and set a primary billing method for your entire account. Your primary billing method is the default well charge for all transactions, unless otherwise specified. Its also the default payment method well use for your store.

Youll need to set up a payment method on printful under the billing section of your account.

Printful vs teespring, what should i know before i start using printful for my business? This is a common question amongst online companies and marketers looking for a cost-effective and reliable printing solution.

  you can set up a billing method by going to your printful dashboard billing billing methods add billing method.

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Printful billing methods

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Printful billing methods

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