Piccell wireless rates

Piccell wireless rates

Piccell wireless provides reliable, low-cost cell phones to study-abroad students and world travelers. We are dedicated to providing customers with wireless phones and technology designed to enrich their living overseas and to ensure a secure travel experience abroad.

Given at least 2 weeks before your departure date, round trip shipping is included within the continental u. If it is less than 2 weeks before the date you request for delivery, rush shipping fees may apply, however, confirmed orders can be shipped within days to an address in the us.

Piccell wireless does not decide the prices for any of the other various services available through your cell phone. 20 usa - canada international - direct calls to the united states and canada 24 hours, 7 days 0. 495 zone 3 international - direct 24 hours, calls to australia and new zealand 7 days rates & info uk premium package g3 rates in.

  a piccell wireless us virtual number is issued to each client absolutely free a usvn is included with every overseas phone package. With this feature, piccell clients can give friends and family the ability to contact them from the usa without paying international calling rates.

Ed online assistance via your personal my piccell account, faq, troubleshoot-ing, user guide and phone manuals.

Piccell wireless also provides an innovative service known as the u. Phone number, but calls connect directly to the customers piccell phone abroad.

  the rates are like 15 of the rate you would pay if you took your us phone in roaming.

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Piccell wireless rates

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Piccell wireless rates

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