Nascar heat 4 pre order release date

Nascar heat 4 pre order release date

Nascar heat 4 will race its way into stores in north america this september, on playstation 4, xbox one and windows pc and is available via pre-order now.

  704games announced on saturday in an event at daytona international speedway that the newest game of the popular nascar video game will launch in september of this year. This game will be available on ps4, xbox one, xbox one x as well as on pc.

Nascar heat 4, the official video game of nascar, looks, sounds, and plays better than ever! New features - track map, unlockable paint schemes, dynamic user interface, more driving control options, deeper career mode, sonoma raceway & charlotte roval track updates new graphics & sound - complete overhaul of all graphics and audio packages.

Nascar heat 4 will be available for playstation 4, xbox one and windows pc platforms in september. Fans that purchase the gold edition, will get 3 days of early access.

When will nascar heat 4 be released? Answer we are thrilled to announce that nascar heat 4 will race into stores this september for playstation 4, xbox one & pc.

Nascar heat 4 is the official game of nascar, featuring the 2019 monster energy nascar cup series, nascar xfinity series, nascar gander outdoors truck series and fan.

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Nascar heat 4 pre order release date

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Nascar heat 4 pre order release date

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