Lds 72 hour food kit ideas

Lds 72 hour food kit ideas

I wanted to keep the cost of the food for this 72-hour kit as low as possible.

Members of the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints are counseled to have a food storage and be prepared for an emergency which includes having a 72-hour kit.

  a go-bag or 72-hour kit helps you meet basic needs immediately after a disaster. A go-bag or 72-hour kit must be tailored to each family and updated as your family situation changes. Download the worksheet coping strategies and solutions to disruptions, and make several copies.

  why a bug-out kit 72 hour kit 3 month 1 or 2 year food supply or emergency preparedness! The truth of the manor is personal revelation as to which one youll need and be ready to use or give to others. The love of jesus and heavenly father can be passed on to others because of our actions to be saver or minster in some way.

Lds 72 hour earthquake and emergency survival kit 4 person earthquake and emergency kit includes 1-backpack 4-2400 cal.

Lds authorities dont have much to say about whether or how to put together or get a 72 hour kit. The idea seems to be, get your food, water, and money together first, for 1 year, then decide for yourself, if you want anything else. If you think you are ready to get a 72 hour kit, then i recommend that you order this one right away (image below.).

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Lds 72 hour food kit ideas

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