Jesús huerta de soto ballester

Jesús huerta de soto ballester

Jess huerta de soto jess huerta de soto ballester (born madrid, 1956) is a spanish economist of the austrian school. He is a professor in the department of applied economics at king juan carlos university of madrid, spain and a senior fellow at the ludwig von mises institute.

  on december 23, 1956, huerta de soto was born in a devout catholic and business family in madrid, spain. As early as 1928, his grandfather jess huerta peña started running an insurance company called españa s. In 1954, jess huerta ballester, father of huerta de soto, began running this enterprise with huerta peña.

Jess huerta de soto ballester (born december 23, 1956, in madrid) is a leading austrian school economist and professor of political economy at rey juan carlos university of madrid, spain.

Jesus huerta de soto y ballester, spain enrique soto de soto, spain aurelio ballester ballester, spain antonio ballester ballester, spain gregorio ballester ballester, spain. This information comes from public records and its show in accordance to article 6.

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Jesús huerta de soto ballester

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