Is physics a good optional for upsc

Is physics a good optional for upsc

  are you preparing for upsc ias ifos exam and confused about which optional is best for upsc mains exam or if you are thinking .

  one of the science related subjects in the list of optional subjects in upsc exam is physics. This subject is not as popular as geography or public administration. It can be taken up by those with a science or engineering background in college. This article talks about how to prepare for physics optional for the upsc mains exam.

Remember you should opt for the subject when you love the subject. Physics optional is a subject which is reasonably popular amongst ias aspirants. Statistics suggest that 13 of the candidates who selected physics as optional subject got recommended for interview round.

  the subject they select should be simple and resources must be available. Physics is one of the best upsc optional syllabus which will let you score high with less preparation. Physics optional is not a renowned subject but it is a perfect choice several student. Aspirants from science domain can choose this subject without any hindrance.

  physics optional is a subject which is reasonably popular amongst ias aspirants. Statistics suggest that 13 of the candidates who selected physics as optional subject got recommended for interview round. It is the branch of science concerned with the nature and properties of matter and energy.

Why physics is your optional paper of upsc cse ? Our choice should be dictated by the passion for the subject you are taking as your optional, and the comfort level because in the long term those are the factors that help you keep going during times of adversity.

One of the science optional subjects offered by upsc is physics. It is not a very popular subject like public administration or geography or any other mostly preferred optional subject. Physics optional subject can be taken only by few because it requires prior conceptual clarity.

  especially in optional subject (physics) somehow the space itself contained the hint that what exactly the examiner wants from us. Similarly, in 2016 less space was given in case studies (as told to me by senior players as compared to previous years), which in a way indicates that upsc intends us to write better answers and not necessarily longer ones.

  philosophy is the best optional subject for upsc mains, but only if you have your interest in it.

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Is physics a good optional for upsc

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