Intel option trade review

Intel option trade review

This is often very stressful and make options trading unreliable and extremely volatile. This is a strategy tailored towards mid term investors, it involves 2 to 3 hedged non-directional trades managed by greeks. 2 to 4 trades per month, with targets of 2 to 3 returns each month.

Intels stock benefits include stock options, restricted stock units (rsus), and the stock purchase plan (spp). Participating in intels stock benefits enables you to share ownership in intel. As a stock owner, you share in the companys future, and intels financial performance directly impacts you.

Their current numbers show something like an 80 gain for the past 15 trades, my account is a 30 loss. Ive asked twice on why this is as i was analyzing returns they have not chosen to answer, just ignore.

I was wondering if you saw the performance of options-intelligences trade history on their website? They posted a 77 winning history and a 76 avg return. That doesnt sound even close to the performance you got when you traded with them.

Options trades are suggested and the reason for entering the trade mentioned. I stick my neck out almost everyday and keep waiting for being chopped off. The selections have been wonderfully successful over a 7 month period so far. Option trades selections were started 5 months ago and are doing very well.

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Intel option trade review

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