Indusind aura edge credit card review

Indusind aura edge credit card review

Ive recently started using the indusind platinum aura edge credit card youve reviewed above.

  and indusind bank platinum aura edge credit card is one of them. It is a free credit card, and it offers a bunch of attractive benefits such as welcome gifts, reward points, lounge access, fuel surcharge waiver, insurance coverage, total protect facility, concierge service, etc.

  indusland bank aura edge credit card full review and featuresreward pointfue waiver billing cycle date annual feeslife time free processhow to apply credit.

For high-achievers, indusind bank offers the platinum aura edge credit card an exceptional product with the best-in-class privileges in travel, dining, lifestyle and more. And with the paywave feature, you can simply tap and go at merchant terminals.

  key highlights of indusind bank platinum aura edge credit card annual fee nil best suited for rewards and travel earn up to 4x rewards points on select merchant categories priority pass membership for primary and add-on card holder 1 complimentary visit in participating international lounge within india & abroad per quarter.

  indusind bank aura edge credit card is a credit card for beginners. It is available on joining fee of 899 rupees and without annual fee.

The platinum aura edge credit card is a premium card offered by indusind bank that comes with a bountiful of top-notch offers and benefits in different categories including shopping and dining. The good part is that this card does not cost any annual fee and has an interest rate of 3.

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Here are the features and benefits of the top credit cards by indusind bank. Card available at a joining fee of rs 5,999 and no annual fees. Discount of 15 at select restaurants gift vouchers from the brands of satya paul and make my trip.

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Indusind aura edge credit card review

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