Go to chrome flags media router

Go to chrome flags media router

Ensure that youre on the latest version of the chrome browser 2.

  heres how step 1 head to chromeflagsmedia-router from your chrome address bar.

The media router is a component in chrome responsible for matching clients that wish to render media or urls ( media sources) on devices and endpoints capable of rendering that content ( media sinks ). When a media source is linked with a media sink, a media route is created that allows two-way messaging between the source and the sink.

  this flag will help you organize the media files that you access with the help of chrome. These include music files or videos that you stream with platforms such as youtube. Generally, it comes into use when you want to control the media in another tab without changing the tab or window.

One extension in particular is worth mentioning chrome media router is a component of the service with the same name in browsers based on chromium. It is present on all devices where the chrome browser is installed, although it is not shown in the list of installed extensions.

  enabling cast option (load-media-router-component-extension) and enabling secure dns lookups (dns-over-https) are flags right now. My suggestion would be to put this under settings page instead of edgeflags so it becomes easier for all users to enable or disable these features.

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Go to chrome flags media router

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