Exede vs hughesnet reddit

Exede vs hughesnet reddit

Sadly, until exede satellite internet puts up a new satellite next year, im stuck with hughesnet as the only provider available to me. ) ive only had hughesnet for a couple months now, and i have only had service completely drop out a couple times during bad storms.

Exede vs hughes in 2017 im a supreme internet nerd that moved out into the country so i could have some land. The only problem is that im the 3 in my county that dont have cable internet. The local dsl ports are full and im using my verizon tethering in a couple of days.

  as for hughesnet, its download speeds max out at 25 mbps, and youll pay up to 149. 99 a month depending on how much data you want (up to 50 gb a month). If youre still undecided on whether viasat or hughesnet is best, weve compared prices, download speeds, data caps, and more for these two satellite internet providers.

  viasat review (formally exede) 1 visit website call . Although viasat is a bit pricier than our number two pick, hughesnet, they offer the fastest satellite internet speeds and among the largest amounts of anytime bandwidth.

Hughesnet is functionally worse than dial up in nearly every way. The high ping and lag make even checking email take longer than on dial up. Youll data cap after 4 days and then they nickel and dime you to buy more data.

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Exede vs hughesnet reddit

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