Everbright sun hung kai company limited

Everbright sun hung kai company limited

  everbright sun hung kai company limited, a subsidiary of everbright securities company limited, is a leading financial institution.

Everbright sun hung kai company limited has more than 400 professional investment consultants who are well trained to help you. Through in-depth discussion, we will evaluate your financial situation.

Everbright sun hung kai company limited (ebshkcl) is a leading wealth management institution with five key business segments wealth management, corporate finance & capital markets, institutional business, asset management, investment & financing, serving individual, corporate and institutional clients in hong kong, macau, mainland china and the united kingdom.

  operating under the everbright sun hung kai brand (ebshk) as well as the ebshk direct and ebshk private sub-brands, ebshkcl is a subsidiary of everbright securities company limited (everbright securities, sse 601788, hkex 6178), with sun hung kai & co limited (hkex 86) as its substantial shareholder, serving individual, corporate and institutional clients in hong kong,.

Everbright sun hung kai (ebshk) offers over 1,400 funds from over 30 fund houses, covering a diversity of fund types, such as equity funds, money market funds, bond funds, balanced funds, asset allocation funds, sector funds and hedge funds.

Everbright sun hung kai company limited 576 followers on linkedin. At everbright sun hung kai, we serve with professional integrity.

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Everbright sun hung kai company limited

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Everbright sun hung kai company limited

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