Eu4 trade company

Eu4 trade company

  when a trade company controls (hence the key provinces need to be assigned to that trade company, and not just be owned by you) 51 of all the provincial trade power in its node (hence it is not based on the total trade power you have in that node, but only the assigned provinces and their direct trade power ignoring all other trade power modifiers in the node), it grants 1 merchant.

  steam can be a bit finicky with dlcs, you may have to reinstal eu4. You can verify the dlc in the launcher, make sure its checkmarked. You can also click the corresponding trade node and add all provinces of you in that area to the trade company.

Trade companies allow small investments affecting the local area and larger ones affecting the region, but the other provinces do not need to be in the company to benefit. Provinces held as territories or trade companies have high local autonomy making them less productive compared to states, but also slow down your government reform progress.

Go to the trade mapmode and click on the west africa tradenode. There you should also see the green plus button to add all available provinces to a trade company.

  so, where do i do the actual investments? Cant find a menu anywhere, not in the buildings section, not the trade section (in that case i missed it). Background i get the popup thing up to the left that sayd you can afford trade company investments - brokers office, company administration, company warehouse.

  from what ive gathered, all contintents can be trade companies now. The count for 50 governing capacity, compared to the 0 state req in previous patches. The big nerf that makes trade companies weaker this patch is the fact that they go from 0 autonomy cap, to 80.

  this page is an explanation of how to mod a trade company. The relevant folder is europa universalis ivcommontradecompanies. In the vanilla game, this folder only contains one file 00tradecompanies. This is the file that must be edited when modifying existing trade companies, unless the mod replaces the trade companies path (or the entire.).

  you could do this for any trade node outside of western europe. You could just take a few key provinces from them like wizna, warzawa, and lublin and eat half of their trade income from them lmao. Third point, you get a merchant every time your trade company dominates trade in a trade node, meaning more money.

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Eu4 trade company

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