Dhcp option 43 cisco wlc

Dhcp option 43 cisco wlc

  you can provide the cisco aironet wireless controller address to your access point via dhcp option 43, so you dont need to configure manually every ap itself. In my case, i had a cisco wlc 5508 ha cluster on the headquarter and cisco 2700 access points at a remote location.

Configuring dhcp option 43 this appendix describes the steps needed to configure dhcp option 43 on a dhcp server, such as a cisco catalyst 3750 series switch, for use with cisco aironet access points.

Option 43 is one to two vendor specific dhcp options defined in rfc2132.

Dhcp option 43 for cisco wlc setting up switch to work as a dhcp server for ap with option 43 scenario wlc is connected in a network on mgmt. (inline) interface say - vlan 100 and aps are connected at the access layer on vlan 200.

  configuration of option 43 and option 60 on cisco ioswindowslinux based servers. Details we use dhcp option 43 to help the ap in obtaining controller ip address from the dhcp server while dhcp request to get an ip address is sent to the dhcp server by the lap. In addition to offering it an ip address , dhcp server may return one or more controller ip address also to the lap.

When the string is assembled, it yields f108c0a80a05c0a80a14. The cisco ios command that is added to the dhcp scope is option 43 hex f108c0a80a05c0a80a14.

  the scenario is youre building a dhcp scope on a cisco switch and need to convert your wlc ip from 192. This hex value is used in something called dhcp option 43 by the cisco aps to discover a wlc if they havent already found one through other means such as layer 23 broadcasts, local wlc lists in their nvram and even a dns discovery.

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Dhcp option 43 cisco wlc

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