Dealing desk broker meaning

Dealing desk broker meaning

  what is a dealing desk broker? Forex brokers that operate through dealing desk (dd) brokers make money through spreads and providing liquidity to their clients. Dealing desk brokers literally create a market for their clients, meaning they often take the other side of a clients trade.

  in foreign currency markets, a dealing desk is where the forex dealers at a bank or financial institution sit. Since the forex market is open around-the-clock, many institutions have dealing desks.

When a broker holds the trades within and doesnt pass them to another lp, she is considered a dealing desk broker. These types of brokers are called market makers (mm) as well, because they create a market. They are much smaller than the immense interbank market but the same conditions apply and the rates are almost the same.

  a dealing desk forex broker, also known as a market maker, is a broker that takes the other side of a clients trades, by setting the bid and ask price and waiting for a trader who would like to take advantage of these set terms.

  to make your decision-making easier, heres a summary of the major differences between market makers, stp brokers, and stpecn brokers dealing desk. (market maker) no dealing desk (stp) no dealing desk (stpecn) fixed spreads.

  a dealing desk is where retail forex brokers make their market. When you place your order, they will manipulate market conditions which will either make your trade lose within their own market so that you have to pay the broker or, your trade will be mimicked in a real market meaning that if you win, the broker pays you but they are also paid because of their winnings.

  this means dealing desk brokers are trading against the customer setting the bid and ask price. Market maker (dealing desk) brokers are thought to be quicker and more efficient.

Forex brokers can offer either dealing desk or no dealing desk execution models. Brokers offering a dealing desk are also acting as market makers they generally create their own liquidity, setting the bid and ask price themselves and taking the opposite side of a clients trade.

  no dealing desk (ndd) brokers are the same as most ecn brokers. The acronym ndd is sometimes used by brokers that do not want to fall foul of any regulatory requirements by claiming ecn status. The bottom line is that such brokers will send all your orders to a pool of liquidity providers, instead of internalising them.

  you can ask your broker directly about their dealing desk policy. This is largely because they feel uncomfortable about admitting their status as the counterparty to your trade, and because they generally do not educate their staff in the nuances of how they operate and make money.

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Dealing desk broker meaning

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