Cdjapan proxy shipping

Cdjapan proxy shipping

  yes, you can change your shipping method following the steps below 1. Go to customer account and click on your order number from your order history. Scroll down to shipping method and click shipping method change request. There, you will find a list of alternative shipping methods suggested based on your order contents.

  highlight 3 combine your shipment from multiple shops for free! Make multiple purchases at cdjapan andor from other online shops using the proxy shopping service and we will combine your shipment into one package to the best of our ability.

  whats cdjapan proxy shopping service? As your reliable personal shopper, we buy products sold in japan instead of you with some handling fees. All you have to do is just request us and tell us a link to the product you want. If you want weathering with you related items not listed here, you can order it through our proxy shopping service.

Via proxy shopping service, we are receiving international pre-orders (incl. Dhl,fedex) on violet evergarden the movie exclusive collectibles httpsbit.

Proxy shopping cdjapans proxy shopping is very hassle-free! The prices are reasonable and whether it is 500yen product they will search for it and give you a quote! International shipping they have a lot of options.

I had ordered several things from cdjapan just through their website and not proxy service before this. But as far as their proxy service goes, and this is my only experience with them, i was quite annoyed.

They will find for you any item sold elsewhere, and ship it to you without any hassle.

  this comes in handy when using a proxy service because all the fees can really add up and domestic shipping isnt as cheap in japan as it is in other countries. 1000 is the usual rate for a small packet from my experience. Youll have to use a proxy to get the stuff shipped to you, but its worth it.

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Cdjapan proxy shipping

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