Call ratio vertical spread

Call ratio vertical spread

A call ratio vertical spread is long one itm call option and short two otm call options. The max loss is uncapped on the upside and limited on the downside. The max gain is limited to the difference between the two strikes less the net premium paid.

A call ratio vertical spread, or call front spread is a multi-leg option strategy where you buy one and sell two calls at different strike prices but same expiration.

  a vertical spread is an options strategy that involves buying (selling) a call (put) and simultaneously selling (buying) another call (put) at a different strike price, but with the same.

Ratio spread options are a variation of the vertical spread (an option spread using the same option expiration date), and are sometimes known as ratio vertical spreads. It is a neutral strategy designed to take advantage of a non-volatile stock.

There are 2 broad types of vertical ratio spreads call vertical ratio spreads and put vertical ratio spreads. Call vertical ratio spreads are ratio spreads made up of only call options.

Using calls, a 21 call ratio spread can be implemented by buying a number of calls at a lower strike and selling twice the number of calls at a higher strike. Maximum gain for the call ratio spread is limited and is made when the underlying stock price at expiration is at the strike price of the options sold.

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Call ratio vertical spread

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