Blockchain microservices architecture

Blockchain microservices architecture

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  given this premise, microservice architecture is a style of engineering that helps build highly automated, evolvable software systems made up of single-capability microservices.

  jul 12, 2019 4 min read microservice architectures are already moving businesses in the right direction of lightweight digital collaboration by integrating blockchain as the key coordination.

  at developer week in oakland earlier this year, mike myburgh, principal consultant, office of the cto at tibco, laid out a concept architecture that includes blockchain through hyperledger to produce a distributed transaction system for use with microservices. Myburgh said that blockchain can be used to build a distributed system of record.

  both blockchain and microservices are the byproducts of a distributed architecture, but they solve very different types of problems. For instance, blockchain is more focused on transactions enabling while microservices are focused more on streamlining speed and scalability.

  microservice architectures are already moving businesses in the right direction of lightweight digital collaboration by integrating blockchain as the key coordination mechanism in this distributed ecosystem, enterprises can realize immense benefits of trustless and agile data coordination.

  microservices represent the next evolutionary leap towards flexible, fast and nimble blockchains with cross-chain capabilities interacting with countless applications.

Smart contracts architecture for mapping into the blockchain a concrete example of service provided through a microservices architecture, proves that it is possible to implement a basic microservices-based system with smart contracts. Relative advantages and disadvantages of the two approaches are yet to be fully explored and understood.

  blendmas a blockchain-enabled decentralized microservices architecture for smart public safety abstract thanks to rapid technological advances in the internet of things (iot), a smart public safety (sps) system has become feasible by integrating heterogeneous computing devices to collaboratively provide public protection services.

Inspired by microser-vices architecture and blockchain technology, this paper proposed a blockchain-enabled decentralized microservices architecture for smart public safety (blendmas).

See why gartner named mulesoft as a leader in both full life.

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Blockchain microservices architecture

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