Bitcoin below 10k

Bitcoin below 10k

  the price of the largest cryptocurrency, bitcoin, has largely been restricted under 10k for over a month now, with the crypto noting strong resistance in this range.

  bitcoin stuck below 10k as stocks drop bitcoin remains stuck below 10,000 amid jitters in traditional markets over the pace of economic recovery.

  bitcoin below 10k crypto analyst planb says ignore the noise, focus on the signal. On monday (february 17), as bitcoin continued its fall below 10,000, popular pseudonymous analyst planb (100trillionusd) advised his followers on twitter to keep their eyes on the big picture.

  at prices of us10,900 for a bitcoin and us1,945 for a troy ounce of gold , the bitcoingold-ratio is currently at 5.

Looking at previous chart patterns shows the next resistance level at around 11. After that, there is very little stopping bitcoin surging all the way to 17k.

  bitcoin charts hint at price pullback to below 10k view bitcoin could fall below 10,000 this week as a strong sign of buyer exhaustion have.

  bitcoin below 10k? The last time bitcoin hit above 19k usd per bitcoin, it crashed to below 7k within five months.

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Bitcoin below 10k

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