Best h1z1 useroptions

Best h1z1 useroptions

If playback doesnt begin shortly, try restarting your device.

  go to your h1z1 short cut on your desktop step 2 once the launch pad is up and running onyour desktop,click on the gear box in the bottom laft corner.

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Heres a breakdown of my balanced useroptions settings for best fps, and still look good! This setting is a true medium setting that allows you to still see all visual effects such as bullet positioning, explosion distance and peoples black outline from closer (makes them easier to target).

  h1z1 twitchpro h1z1 players useroptions! Click here! Here is a link to all the useroptionsstreams you can look for neatly put into a google doc enjoy! Make sure to leave a thumbs up on the guide so others can see it share it with your friends this doc will be updated daily with new content so always check it out.

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You can find it in your windows pc installation folder or navigate to it from within h1z1. Inif file for h1z1 run h1z1, log in but dont join a game click on the gear icon and go to advanced tools section select open game directory open useroptions.

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Best h1z1 useroptions

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