Best 4x4 grow tent reddit

Best 4x4 grow tent reddit

I have a 3x3 grow tent with a 203 cfm exhaust fan and 195 cfm intake fan. I have the exhaust fan speed at a little below halfway and have my humidifier set at 65. Ive tried turning up my led, turning off oscillating fans, and raising the percentage on my humidifier.

Ive recently started researching info about growing indoors. I recently purchased a gorilla grow tent and a t6 cloudline fan. I looked around but i see different brands and power wattage suggestions all over the place.

I started with a 1200w blurple led, only to find its actual draw is 290w from the wall, or about 275w excluding the fans. It worked very well for vegging 3 plants, but i knew id need more light so i rigged up 200w in additional cobs, which i flipped on for flowering.

The versatility of a grow tent by itself makes it worth the money. Theyre designed with everything in mind, hanging lights, filters, fans, putting things in different locations, where the air intake should be, where the most convienient locations for exhaustintake socks are, the fact they can hold 100lbs easily, the fact they are nearly pest proof, the fact they only weight like 20-40 lbs.

  when it comes to grow tents, quality is a must, and thats what we had in mind when we compiled our list of the absolute best 44 grow tents for 2021. Without further ado, here are our top picks for the ten best 44 grow tents on the market, as well as pros and cons, features, and links for each product on your list.

  i know that many of use grow tents for growing our favorite plants, but many end up upgrading to the ever popular 4x4x6.

  my plants are babies right now and its not yet winter but the bed room my 4x4 grow tent is in has no heat. I dont want to heat the hole room just to keep tent temps up at night. I have a thrmostat for heating but i also run 8000btu portable ac so i would need a light timer to hook the thrmostat heating plug to so its not comming on when ac is running.

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Best 4x4 grow tent reddit

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