Axis bank exchange rate for usd

Axis bank exchange rate for usd

Axis bank offers seamless , convenient money transfers from your country to any axis bank account at competitive exchange rates.

Preferential rates available to nri customers on usd currency. Find the latest exchange rates to buy, sell, send or receive foreign currency through international money transfers, drafts, cash or travel money cards. Calculate how much you can get with our foreign exchange calculator.

Up to 22,500 can be transferred per day in 3 three transactions and its by far the best limit available for customers who want to transfer large sums of money to india. Like other banks, axisremit also does not charge any fee on transfers but takes a cut in exchange rate for offering remittance services.

  preferential rates available to nri customers on usd currency.

Use foreign currency cash for making easy and hassle free payments abroad.

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Axis bank exchange rate for usd

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Axis bank exchange rate for usd

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