Apple maps multiple stops

Apple maps multiple stops

  in order to add a stop to your current route in apple maps, youll first have to start navigation, so either input your target destination within the app, select a route, then tap on the green go button or just use the hey siri feature and command siri.

  it sounds like you want to use the maps app in os x mavericks to plan a route and then send that to your iphone for your journey. To be able to do this, you would need place pins in each of your 6 stops in the maps app on your mac and here is more info choose view drop pin to mark your spot on the current map.

  the only additional stop allowed in an apple maps route is the pit stop. A pit stop is essentially a stop to take a break from driving.

Open the maps app, pop in the location youre traveling to, and hit go to start your journey. 1) swipe up from the bottom of the maps app during your route. 2) choose the type of place youd like to visit from gas stations, coffee shops, or eateries.

  to do that on an iphone, tap more at the bottom of the screen, tap route, tap the plus () button, and then take the necessary steps to.

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Apple maps multiple stops

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